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Same problem not abble to connect to NFS share. No permission issue for sure. file on server share found. Additional info: I have an old install of F24, with kernel 4.8, which works. Possible ways to figure it out: look through Kodi code or documentation for references to NFS, or run wireshark while Kodi's scanning and watch what it's doing. I've only done network shares coming from a Mac to a Raspberry Pi running Kodi, and that worked straight away. I use several file manager apps, all of which see my Linux network and connect to my computers without issue.

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Basic configuration settings for the NFS shares on a Synology NAS. In this example the NFS share is read-only and I allow NFS ports above 1024 to allow for Kodi Buffering Fix: Optimize Cache Size.

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The first section of the tutorial will cover enabling NFS (Network File System) on your Synology NAS. The second section will deal with creating the NFS rule on your Synology NAS which will be used to connect to Kodi. Finally, the third section will walk you through setting up Kodi. Without further ado, let’s connect Synology NAS to Kodi. Kodi unable to connect to the server is the rarest problem as only 10 out of 100 people face this. The reasons are different as most of the time repositories that a user is trying to install are shut down.

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The umount command detaches (unmounts) the mounted file system from the directory tree.. To detach a mounted NFS share, use the umount command followed by either the directory where it has been mounted or 22/5/2020 · Network File System (NFS) was created by Sun Microsystems to share resources over networks. It is similar to SAMBA shares that are popular on Windows, Mac and Linux systems for their convenience. NFS shares are usually more popular on Linux systems, they may use less CPU overhead than SAMBA shared (see SAMBA benchmarks on Raspberry and Banana Pi). Skip the initial library selection. We need to add file shares to Kodi first; Within Kodi, navigate to the settings menu and select "File manager" Select "Add source" Select "Browse" and "Add network location" Create either a NFS or SMB location from the selection box and fill in the necessary information about your network share 19/11/2018 · Here’s how to connect Synology NAS to Kodi.

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Is the counterpart to the addons folder in the Kodi Data folder. the place where people come to connect, discover, and share 03.

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SMB apparently has more overhead compared to NFS. When streaming media from NFS shares 1080p content streams with no stuttering or hiccups. I have an NTFS external usb drive I wanted to connect to my RPi home server and share with NFS to an Amazon Fire TV with KODI. Couldn’t get it for the life of me. KODI wouldn’t even see the NFS server in browse. Finally figured it out. Firewall problem.

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