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>> >> 1.I have called Comcast and they swear that the connection is not >> registered to my PC MAC address. >> >> 2.I cloned the PC mac address in my DD-WRT/Router. >> >> 3. On Mon September 13 2010, Jim wrote: > FC13 / KDE-4 > > I cannot get a Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT or a Linksys WRT160N to > connect to a Arris TM602G/CT Modem. > > 1. I have called Comcast and they swear that the connection is not > registered to my PC MAC address.

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Enable IPv6 The first thing we need to do is to enable IPv6 in the DD-WRT web interface. Configure the basic IPv4 setup as usual, make sure it's working with your ISP, then go to Setup => IPv6. In there, you'll need to enable IPv6 and specify the type of IPv6 autoconfiguration your ISP Top 7 Best Router for Comcast Xfinity. Top 10 Best Router Modem Combo – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

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It is an edge case interaction caused by bad DSCP information coming from Comcast and poor condition handling by the WMM driver on certain linksys/cisco eseries routers and possibly others as well. 15/07/2020 22/05/2017 Providers Of Flashed DD-WRT Routers. When attempting to find a DD-WRT compatible router, you’ll often need to find a company that is willing to flash the routers. Unfortunately, the flashing process can be a little difficult and it is possible for anything to go wrong.

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As long as the bad packets don't hit the wireless interface on the N router you should not see an issue. You can apply the script to whatever interface is connected to your G router. I'll try to summarize again, and also posted screenshots of DD-WRT configs. This is for a Netgear EX6200 extender. Make sure you're running the latest version of DD-WRT for your router.

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Enter the url for the Comcast home page in the set home page location box an Make Comcast your homepage by editing the settings or options in your browser. Enter Third-quarter numbers beat targets. Updated from 7:15 a.m. Comcast (CMCSA) - Get Report beat third-quarter targets as the cable company continued adding digital subscribers at a rapid clip. Shares rose 4% in early trading Thursday.

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i got comcast and there allot of bufferbloatware on it i wanna make my less buffering as qos dont work much on the model. Mobile app that lets you connect to, monitor and manage your DD-WRT routers on the go. What ISP do you have? some IPS's like Comcast block port 80 and 8080 outbound so you can't run websites on those default ports try a non default port. Also confirm you're in bridge mode, wan IP in ddwrt device should be public.

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